Lovely Letter

I received a lovely email out of the blue today from a customer I have enjoyed working for on a couple of occasions

"Hi John,

Just thought I would let you know that everyone has been admiring our decking over the Summer and what a great job you have done.  Thought I would send you a picture of it in the sun (absence the mud!)  in case you wanted a copy for your file.  We would definitely recommend your decking skills (along ofcourse with bathroom skills, kitchen skills,etc etc)"

Its nice to see how things look once the garden has taken a summer to heal from a bit of surgery.
 The first two pictures I took just before leaving. The second two were attached to today's email 


Thanks for the update :)


Susan Kane said...

Nice job, RJ. I bet the owners will enjoy that space for years to come.

Rob-bear said...

Amazing work. Wish you had been closer to our place when I needed that kind if help.