For a period of about six months when between engineering jobs I worked as a designer for Neville Johnson, a nationwide kitchen manufacturer and fitter. Although I am happy to just fit any kitchen you have chosen, I am also keen to offer free advice and design at the planning stages. I have found fitting kitchens over the last few years many designers give little consideration to the fitter or in some cases the end user, I may well be able to suugest things that you have't thought of or have overlooked.

I often get asked which kitchens are the best and my opinion is there is little to choose between most makes. I do find in most cases B&Q kitchens to be good value for money. They also have the added benefit that most if not all components can be purchased of the shelf if required, along with an excellent returns policy.

Some pictures of Kitchens I have done



Flooring is a big part of a kitchen, although I didn't fit the next kitchen I did lay the 60cm floor tiles